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Ethical Solano Economic Development has opinions on politically controlled ways Solano local government spends your tax dollars. Have ideas about Solano Economic Development organizations can be more fair? Share your ideas on the web.

Who Controls Solano Old Boy Network?

Members of the Solano Economic Development Old Boy Network Might Include: Chamber of Commerce in Vacaville, Fairfield - Suisun and Vallejo. Solano Economic Development Corp (Solano EDC). Solano commercial real estate developers. City Councils in Fairfield (Solano Capital), Suisun, Vacaville, Dixon, Vallejo, Benicia and Rio Vista. Solano County Government. Plus "NGO's" receiving their monies. Follow the money trail!

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Ethical Solano Economic Development couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. The old boy network is too strong for anyone to stand for what's right alone. Disclaimer: Nothing on this site may be valid. Should one choose to harass this Ethical Solano Economic Development site, let them know this is all a joke.

Normalized Solano & Fairfield Economic Development Links

"Buddy Buddy Incentives"

Called "Community Development" in Fairfield, California  

1000 Webster Street, Fairfield, California 94533 (707) 428-7400

Solano EDC

Solano Government Economic Ethics Studies: (let us know if you find it)

Is Ethics In Solano County Still Important?


Ethics With Solano City Governments

Level of corruption in Solano County is hard to prove. It’s fact that too few investigations are going on. While bribery is a crime, exploitation and extortion might even be worse depending on the corrupt thieves’ mind. Misrepresentation by government officials often says that nepotism and graft are purely a conspiracy theory. "Conspiracy theory" is a term that quickly gets fraud busters and whistle blowers to look ridiculous. This tactic of labeling whistle blowers crazy isn’t limited to Fairfield, Suisun or say Vacaville. Northern California government crookedness increases shadiness and demoralization in Solano County and beyond. Try getting through to a Solano politician or government official to give you public documents, may lead to shuffling and all sorts of shady games.  

Too Few Stand Up

Almost Nobody Complains. Don't Just Sit.

Stand Up And Make A Difference.

Humans evolved to get a sense when someone is being dishonest. Just walk into Solano County Capital building, or Fairfield City Hall. Though they hide facts, they can't hide how they look dishonest. The same applies to organizations getting your tax dollars like chambers of commerce. You can't miss the fishy smell under the plastic smiles, if they smile at all!

Bottom line is payola continues to hide in the dark. Solano officials must start following the California sunshine laws when they have embarrassing information. Some have had to wait years and still not get requested information. 

Go to your Fairfield City Hall at 1000 Webster Street, Fairfield

Better Yet Talk At The Fairfield City Council Sessions!